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Moderate growth for commercial real estate predicted for 2013

8th Apr, 2013 One of the world's leading advisory firms for commercial real estate has explained to clients how steady market fundamentals across South Florida have..
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Hillsborough values up after five years of decline

5th Apr, 2013 According to Bob Henriquez, Hillsborough County property appraiser, property values in Hillsborough County are on the up after five years of decline...
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Mortgage eligibility increase could drive market growth

4th Apr, 2013 This new surge of buyers could drive the growth of the housing market forward, according to experts.   Although insufficient credit and financia..
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Jefferson Apartment Group targets affluent rental market

3rd Apr, 2013 The apartment property market is undergoing an upturn across Orlando and vacancy rates are predicted to drop to 5.2% in 2013, according to a report b..
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Sale of condos supports evidence of strong rebound

2nd Apr, 2013 With two beach front condos selling for a record-breaking $34 million in Miami, investment companies are citing this as evidence that the Miami real e..
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Foreclosure figures reveal 3% annual decrease in South Florida

2nd Apr, 2013 According to CoreLogic, figures recorded in January have revealed that South Florida's foreclosure rate has decreased by an average of 3% year-on-yea..
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House values have risen for 13th consecutive month

28th Mar, 2013 To further support evidence of recovery taking place across the real estate market, the Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller house price index report ha..
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Rising property values and increasing demand beneficial to sellers

28th Mar, 2013 South Florida has been experiencing a promising turnaround within its real estate market, with respectable increases in home values and sales volumes..
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Poll reveals that investors expect increased activity in Florida

27th Mar, 2013 An industry panel discussion led by law firm Cole Schotz has revealed that New York and South Florida remain the top real estate markets for distress..
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Overseas investors offer elixir to the property market

26th Mar, 2013 Experts are predicting that the historic real estate boom and bust cycle has finally been broken, partly thanks to an international buyers market inj..
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Market demonstrates increase in sales and rising property values

25th Mar, 2013 Latest figures show that property prices in South Florida are picking up speed at impressive rates, and real estate sales continue to rise across the..
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2013 looks set to continue where 2012 left off

22nd Mar, 2013 The property market across America is showing no signs of slowing down following the reported record-breaking real estate figures seen in 2012.  ..
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Orlando house prices half way to their 2007 peak

21st Mar, 2013   Orlando home prices have reached the halfway mark of their July 2007 peak values, with a 20% annual increase having been reported by the Orlan..
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Congresswoman Brown confirms commitment to assisting with housing needs

20th Mar, 2013   Congresswoman Corrine Brown spoke in Washington on March 18th regarding the housing crisis in Florida. She spoke of the crisis taking priority..
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Investors shift buying focus to B quality apartments

19th Mar, 2013 Bidding on Class A apartment properties has become such a competitive market that some buyers are looking at deals on B quality apartment buildings, ..
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Over 56,000 shadow inventory homes to be released onto property market

18th Mar, 2013 Latest figures released from RealtyTrac Inc have revealed that over 56,000 properties are in some stage of foreclosure in Palm Beach and Broward coun..
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Property investors advised to move from high tax states to Florida

15th Mar, 2013 With Tax Day almost upon us, property investors are being urged to ensure that they are making the most of long-term tax-saving strategies.   Fl..
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Buyers invest in their future through property

12th Mar, 2013   Young professionals are the latest market keen to cash in on the real estate race for attractive investment returns.   One young professi..
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Latin Americans account for one-third of developer projects

11th Mar, 2013 Over 80 plans have been announced for new residential projects in South Florida, with Latin American developers being behind nearly one-third of thes..
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Florida features twice in top investment locations

8th Mar, 2013 Any savvy investor will look to the returns potential of an area prior to investing, and AOL Real Estate has identified the five hottest housing mark..