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Young buyers, not snowbirds, driving Florida’s hot real-estate market

15th Sep, 2015 Florida is changing dramatically and snowbirds are finding real-estate conditions less tranquil than in the past. In the Sunshine State’s hot rea..
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Sizzling Southwest Florida housing market is about to get hotter

5th Jun, 2015 The housing market in Southwest Florida has been red-hot for the past three years. Now it’s about to get blistering. That’s the conclusion of a ne..
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Brokers aim at affluent overseas investors

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20th anniversary expansion for Hyatt Regency Hill

12th Dec, 2012 Woodbine Development Corporation yesterday announced the details regarding an expansion and renovation program worth $35 million for Hyatt Regency Hi..
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Overseas buyers consider the future

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Los Angeles: the new Florida

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Subdivided land remains empty

5th Nov, 2012 There is hardly a house in existence in Flagler Estates, and certainly not on the Flagler County side. This includes 2,771 acres of subdivided land t..
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Property located at Baldwin Park in Orlando purchased

24th Oct, 2012 Enders Place is one of a number of communities located in the wider Baldwin Park development.  An award-winning and popular planned community of ..
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Green Island transaction blamed

23rd Oct, 2012 “The single transaction that caused the CL Financial Empire to fall,” is how the chairman of the CLICO policyholders group, Peter Permell, descri..
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New report spots encouraging trend

19th Oct, 2012 The commercial real estate marketplace in the United States will continue on its path to recovery next year with modest gains in leasing, pricing and..
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Purchase signals optimism in Orlando housing market

17th Oct, 2012 In a massive sign of optimism regarding the future of the housing market in Orlando, the whole of the remaining land in Randal Park ? a much sought a..
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Adversity becomes opportunity for Key International

11th Oct, 2012   Five years ago, the once hot real estate market boom in Miami went bust.   A number of real estate developers were forced out of bus..
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Europe woes see US property investors prosper

8th Oct, 2012 The biggest property groups in the United States are cashing on the problems of their rivals in Europe, with a €3.5 billion spending spree that sta..
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Investors should research for real estate deals all over

1st Oct, 2012 Investors looking for the best places to get good returns for investment in real estate, whether commercial or residential, should consider the type ..
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Which areas of Florida have the largest percentages of international home buyers?

24th Sep, 2012 Which areas of Florida have the largest percentages of international home buyers?   Some states have a relatively small proportion of homes owned..
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Where are the nicest areas to live in Florida?

24th Sep, 2012 Where are the nicest areas to live in Florida?   Most UK and international citizens with an interest in Florida know something about the large ci..
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How did the recession hit different areas of Florida

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How was the homebuilding market affected by the recession

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There are plenty of options but the advice is to choose carefully

21st Sep, 2012 Raising finance for a business, part of which will be to buy real estate and equipment, can be fraught with difficulties, especially if the entrepren..