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Market your home to international buyers

25th Jul, 2012 Many Americans are finding that they do not have to simply rely on domestic sales when it comes to selling their property and more and more are now t..
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Property tax income falls

24th Jul, 2012 It has been announced that the local property tax revenue for the first quarter of 2012 has fallen when compared to the same data for 12 months ago a..
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Investments rise as property crisis comes to an end

24th Jul, 2012 Analysts have highlighted a number of high profile multi-million dollar investments as a signal that the property crisis that has had a hold of the U..
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RNC expected to boost tourism and business in the area

23rd Jul, 2012 It is hoped that the 2012 Republican National Convention, which will take place in Tampa in August, will help to drive tourism in the region and give..
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Wages continuing to grow above the rate of inflation

23rd Jul, 2012 It has been announced that the weekly earnings of the 102.8 million people currently in full-time employment across the USA is now 2.4% higher than i..
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A new tax cut has been put forward to help stimulate the growth of small businesses in Florida

20th Jul, 2012 It has been announced that a new tax cut, known as the Tangible Personal Property Tax Amendment, will be put up for voters’ approval in a November ..
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The Federal Reserve has detailed how the US economy is growing, albeit at a modest pace

20th Jul, 2012 According to information released by the Federal Reserve, the US economy is showing signs of recovery - even if these signs only demonstrate a modest..
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Orlando to play host to Florida Realtors Convention during August

19th Jul, 2012 It has been announced that realtors from across the US will converge in Orlando for the state association’s 96th annual convention, which is due to..
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Housing market continues its recovery with strong figures posted for the month of June

18th Jul, 2012 Figures released for the month for June have shown the US housing market has continued its march along the road to recovery. Sales were up 1.7% both ..
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The price of gas has fallen by approximately seven cents over the last 3 weeks

17th Jul, 2012 It has been revealed that the price of gas has fallen by around seven cents per gallon over the last three weeks in news that is hoped will help boos..
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Low number of houses for sale in the area means house prices continue to rise

16th Jul, 2012 Statistics that have been released show that the housing market in Las Vegas has improved for the fifth straight month, with house prices rising as t..
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Latest figures released by National Association of Home Builders give more cause for optimism

13th Jul, 2012 According to a new report issued by the National Association of Home Builders and the First American Improving Markets Index, there has been continue..
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More states allowing mediation to help homeowners avoid foreclosures

12th Jul, 2012 First making an appearance in Nevada, mediation services allow homeowners who are struggling to meet their repayments to have face-to-face meetings w..
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Rising rate of credit for second month gives economists hope that economy is turning a corner

11th Jul, 2012 It has been revealed that US consumer credit saw an expansion during the month of May, as more Americans begin using their credit cards.  This w..
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Investment groups have boosted the condominium market in South Florida by reselling thousands of units purchased during the housing bust

10th Jul, 2012 Florida's condominium market has been boosted by the emergence of bulk buyers who are currently reselling a substantial number of coastal residencies..
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Improvements in vacancy rates and rents for second quarter shows retail sector is starting to recover

9th Jul, 2012 With the news that the vacancy rates and rents across US shopping centers improved for the second quarter in a row, it is believed that this is showi..
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New data has pointed to the US economy halting its slide and beginning a slow recovery

6th Jul, 2012 According to a leading economist, the US economy could be showing signs of halting the slide that it has experienced over recent years and could be g..
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More data shows that property sales in the US are rising

5th Jul, 2012 Further data released this week has shown that property sales within the US are continuing to rise and bounce back from what has been an incredibly t..
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Visitor increase to Florida causing property shortage

4th Jul, 2012 It has been revealed that increasing numbers of visitors to Orlando are helping to drive the property market and generate property sales, but as the ..
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Palm Beach sees rise in property values for first time since 2006

3rd Jul, 2012 It has been revealed that property prices in Palm Beach have seen a slight rise, which will come as welcome news to an industry that has suffered fro..