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Latest data shows house prices rose again during last quarter

10th Sep, 2012   The latest data released by Clear Capital has shown that house prices rose by 2% over the last quarter, and there were double digit gains post..
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Former President delivers lengthy speech in support of Obama and sparks suggestions that Hillary will run in 2016

7th Sep, 2012 As the Presidential race heats up, former President Bill Clinton last night delivered a speech which ran for almost 50 minutes in which has reignited..
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Pending homes sales rising at a faster rate than expected

7th Sep, 2012 A new report issued by the National Association of Realtors has highlighted that the average time it takes to sell a property is now lower than it ha..
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July shows biggest increase in house prices since 2006

6th Sep, 2012 New figures released by CoreLogic in its Home Price Index have shown that the price of US homes rose by 3.8% during the month of July when compared t..
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Presidential candidates’ properties compared

6th Sep, 2012 As the race for the White House gets under way with Barack Obama going up against Mitt Romney in the polls soon, a new article has been published tha..
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Housing market shows all the signs of a sustained recovery

5th Sep, 2012 Recent evidence of consistently rising house prices has pointed for some time towards a housing market making a recovery. Now that figures released s..
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Latest research shows drop in rates

5th Sep, 2012 Freddie Mac's latest Primary Mortgage Survey has revealed that fixed-rate mortgages eased in the run up to Labor Day, after a period of moving higher..
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Ron Kirk seeking to speed negotiations up to reach agreement

4th Sep, 2012 The US' top trade negotiator has spoken about how he is confident about establishing a Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. This would include a number of..
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Reports which could reduce the price of insurance being rejected by Citizens Insuranc

4th Sep, 2012 It has been revealed that the insurance company Citizens, which is seen by many as a last resort option, rejected up to 90,000 reports which could ha..
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Growth is small but the economy is still expanding, according to new data

3rd Sep, 2012 A new report issued by the Federal Reserve last week has highlighted how the US economy is growing, albeit a small growth.   Figures made availa..
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July saw an increase in the number of orders placed with US factories

3rd Sep, 2012 New figures released show that there was a 2.8% rise in orders placed with factories across the US during the month of July, with many of the orders ..
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New report shows demand for distressed properties is rising

31st Aug, 2012 A new report has been issued which shows that investors are starting to drive up the prices of distressed properties as more companies buy up the pro..
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Rising rental rates mean construction companies keen to buy to let

31st Aug, 2012 New data made available has shown that a number of companies, including Oaktree Capital Group and Blackstone Group, are outbidding owner-occupiers by..
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International buyers happy to enter property market at higher end

30th Aug, 2012 According to new data released by Florida Realtors, international buyers who are looking to invest in property in Florida are helping to stabilize Fl..
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How to obtain a Green Card

30th Aug, 2012 How to obtain a Green Card Those who dream of purchasing USA real estate often find themselves searching for Florida property for sale.  Relaxing..
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Why you should invest in property in America

30th Aug, 2012 Why you should invest in property in America   When considering investing in property in America, investors should not just look at the domestic ..
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Parents and investors finding many ways to make and save money with properties in university towns

28th Aug, 2012   With rental charges rising quickly, many parents are choosing to invest in property for their children to live in while they are in university..
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Tech giant could still be outbid at auction after offer accepted

28th Aug, 2012 It has been revealed that Seagate Technology, one of the world's leaders when it comes to manufacturing hard drives and storage devices, will pay $90..
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American mortgage rates have risen for the fourth week

28th Aug, 2012   New data released has shown that mortgage rates have risen for the fourth consecutive week, adding even more weight to the belief that the pro..
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The house in which Ma Barker died goes on the market for $1m

24th Aug, 2012 Her story is one of the most famous in the world and now someone has the chance to pick up a piece of America's most infamous history for $1m, comple..