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Latest News

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Record gold medal winner Michael Phelps has placed his US property on the market

8th Aug, 2012 As property prices across America begin to recover from the global financial crisis, seeing both demand and prices rise, buyers are being given the c..
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More new home builds being undertaken as construction firms see strength in the market

8th Aug, 2012 The construction industry across the US is showing a slow yet steady recovery from the financial crisis and global housing market crash that put the ..
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Latest figures show that there has been a drop in the number of people who are unemployed due to the creation of more jobs than expected

7th Aug, 2012 It has been announced that more jobs that expected were added to the US economy during the month of July, according to a report released by the Depar..
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The announcement that more jobs than expected were created has lifted the US financial markets

7th Aug, 2012 It has been announced that the figures released which showed that the US has created more jobs than expected during the month of July has buoyed the ..
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A report issued by Bloomberg has shown that in the year to May house prices dropped less than forecasted

6th Aug, 2012 In more good news for the resurgent property market, Bloomberg has reported that house prices during the year up until May fell less than had been fo..
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A new report has shown that people from China are buying more property across America than from any other nation

6th Aug, 2012 A new report issued by the National Association of Realtors has detailed how the Chinese are now the fastest growing group of international buyers wh..
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Consumers across the state of Florida feeling upbeat about economic situation

3rd Aug, 2012 A survey conducted by the University of Florida has revealed that consumers who are located in the state are joining in with the rest of the county a..
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Economic index shows gains for month of May

3rd Aug, 2012 It has been revealed that Florida’s economic index increased during the month of May by 0.6% to reach a level of 110.4, which means that overall th..
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Home building sector shows strong gains as market recovers

2nd Aug, 2012 As recently reported, the US housing market is continuing its slow recovery from the subprime crisis that helped to kick-off the global financial cri..
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National Association of Realtors states that demand for housing across the US is strong

2nd Aug, 2012 Although sales in some regions throughout June were down due to a shrinking inventory of available properties on the market, in general the demand fo..
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Prices of American homes have risen for the fifth straight month, while Australian prices halt their decline

2nd Aug, 2012 New figures that have been released have shown that house prices across America have risen for the fifth month in a row as the property market contin..
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Vacancy rates across the country fall as the demand for housing rise

31st Jul, 2012 According to a report that has been issued by the Census Bureau, the US home vacancy rate has fallen from 2.2% to 2.1% in the second quarter of 2012...
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New report reveals that hotel owners across the US are feeling optimistic

31st Jul, 2012 With the news that US hotels are expecting to be able to charge higher rates this fall for their accommodation when compared with the rates they offe..
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Trade restrictions to be lifted and boost exports to Russia

30th Jul, 2012 It has been announced that a House committee approved legislation last week that would see an end to Cold War restrictions that have been in place an..
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Housing market set to recover further as investment and construction companies put faith in the market

30th Jul, 2012 It is hoped that as the construction of single-family housing increases, new home sales in Jupiter could be set to rise as it was announced that a ne..
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Homes in the state rose during the second quarter of the year

27th Jul, 2012 It has been revealed that house prices in South Florida have risen by 6.4% during the second quarter of 2012, with experts forecasting that a similar..
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June prices for real estate market in Brevard reach 2012 high

27th Jul, 2012 As the real estate market continues to recover across the US, it has been revealed that both home sales and median prices of properties located in Br..
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The number of international buyers investing in US land has risen

26th Jul, 2012 Research has shown that the amount of foreign investment in land in the US has risen by 6.7% over the last ten months of 2010 and accounts for an are..
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Australians attracted to American real estate bargains

26th Jul, 2012 As the property market across America continues to recover from the recession, there have been an unprecedented number of Australian buyers entering ..
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55.1 million visitors frequent America's theme park capital as property sales surge in the area

25th Jul, 2012 New figures published by Visit Orlando have revealed that the popular destination attracted a record-breaking number of visitors during 2011. Just ov..