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July sees home sales rise and prices go up for properties in Florida

24th Aug, 2012 New figures have shown that the sale of existing homes rose by 9.8% in the month of July when compared to the same figures from 12 months earlier, as..
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Strategic valuation of Indian properties being undertaken by US government with a view to sales

23rd Aug, 2012 It is expected that the US government will sell many of the properties it currently holds in India after it hired the property consultancy firm Knigh..
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Major America companies concerned about effects

23rd Aug, 2012 As Russia gets ready to join the World Trade Organization, opening up the country for foreign trade with American companies, there is concern amongst..
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US property market continues to defy other economic factors and keeps showing signs of growth beyond expectation

22nd Aug, 2012   New figures have shown that house prices across America rose by 2% in July of this year in annual and quarterly terms, with properties on the ..
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Apartment occupancy rates at 95% across the country

22nd Aug, 2012 As the housing market shows signs of undergoing a sustained recovery with prices rising and demand outstripping supply, it seems as if the apartment ..
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Increased house and durable goods sales helps to strengthen economy

21st Aug, 2012 According to new data released, July saw an increase in the number of durable goods being sold as well as home sales. This signals a strengthening of..
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Six US regulators wish to see appraisals introduced for high risk home loans

20th Aug, 2012 Regulators in the US have announced plans to bring in appraisals for homes which are deemed high risk in a bid to help potential buyers make informed..
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Buyers from north of the border helping to drive property prices back up across America

20th Aug, 2012 It has been revealed that Canadians are snapping up property across the US as they look to get bargains on their house prices in a similar way that t..
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Florida no longer as affordable to Canadians as American regain faith in their property market

17th Aug, 2012 New figures have shown that the sustained recovery that the housing market in America is making is placing pressure on buyers who were coming from no..
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Florida regulators aiming to understand massive rises proposed by major insurance firm

17th Aug, 2012 It has been revealed that Florida regulators are calling in to question increases that are being sought by two property insurers, which, if allowed t..
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House prices show largest rise since 2006

16th Aug, 2012 The latest figures released by the National Association of Realtors show that the property market across America continues its revival as prices cont..
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Property market continues its recovery as the rate of foreclosures continues to drop

16th Aug, 2012 New figures released have shown that the number of properties which were subjected to filing for foreclosure had dropped by 10% during the month of J..
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New York Yankees star places waterfront property on the market for $38 million

15th Aug, 2012 Alex Rodriguez, star of the New York Yankees, has put his Miami beachfront home up for sale with an asking price of $38 million.   The home, whi..
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US housing market shows signs of a sustained recovery as prices continue to rise

14th Aug, 2012 The latest figures released have shown that the US property market is continuing its sustained revival. Property prices across the housing market ro..
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Commercial property market attracting investors on a global basis as confidence returns

14th Aug, 2012 New data released has shown that American property investors have been increasingly targeting commercial real estate in Europe during the first half ..
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A home has sold for $47 million, representing a record for the Miami-Dade County

13th Aug, 2012 Following on from the recent news that the property market across the US has been performing well, a home in Florida has sold for $47 million. This r..
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Home Tax Alert has a success rate of 80% when it comes to reducing property tax bills

13th Aug, 2012 A new web application that can help people across the US reduce their property tax has been released.  Home Tax Alert works by helping homeowne..
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One buyer purchases all of Macomb County's foreclosed properties

10th Aug, 2012   It has been revealed that a Michigan businessman has purchased every foreclosed property in his county for a total outlay of $4.9 million, whi..
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For the fifth quarter since its takeover, Freddie Mac will not be requesting federal aid

10th Aug, 2012 New data that has been released has shown that Freddie Mac has posted profits of $1.2 billion for the second quarter of 2012 and will not be requesti..
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New report shows less people struggling to meet their financial obligations

9th Aug, 2012 New figures released have shown the number of US homeowners who have missed mortgage payments or have made them late is starting to reduce as the pro..